Frequently Asked Questions

Are we pet friendly?

Yes, owners can have a maximum of two pets combined of dogs and/or cats, each not exceeding 40 lbs in weight

Do owners have access to the waterpark?

Yes, owners are able to acquire a seasonal membership. The seasonal fee is determined by the Waterpark owner.

Do owners receive discounts at area recreational facilities such as golf and ski resorts?

The Developer is currently pursuing arrangements for owner’s discount rates and will update once confirmed.

What are the general improvements being made to the buildings?

There are several upgrades the Developer is undertaking. The renovations are being done on a per building basis, and each building will be substantially completed upon units being released for occupancy. The following are examples of the renovations to be addressed:

  • a) Replacing the old plumbing including: faucets, taps and showerheads, exterior improvements such as repairing decks, eavestroughs, down spouts, soffits and trim, foundation and waterproofing upgrading, stucco repair and painting,
  • b) Boiler, storage tank, water conditioning repair or replacement,
  • c) Sprinkler system repairs,
  • d) Asphalt paving and repair for parking lots and driveways,
  • e) Replace or repair sidewalks and stairs,
  • f) Providing for laundry hookups in the “A” unit.

Is there a depreciation report (reserve and replacement study) available?

Yes, the report is available upon the prospective buyer executing a conditional purchase agreement. The prospective buyer can review this report during the rescission period (7 days from execution date). The report indicates the Developer will be making a contribution of up to $200,000 to the Strata Corporation Contingency Reserve Fund and completed renovations as described in the report having a total value of $1.5m.

What costs do the monthly condo fees cover?

The monthly condo fee per unit covers utilities (water, sewer, electricity and propane) plus operating expenditures such as grounds keeping, snow removal, garbage removal, common area maintenance and cleaning.

Is there financing available?

Developer can refer buyers to the National Bank or an experienced mortgage specialist who can assist prospective buyers in securing favorable mortgage terms.

Storage Areas?

Yes, storage areas will be available for all owners.

Can owners make improvements to their unit?

Yes, once an owner takes ownership and in accordance to the condo association bylaws.